If you need help with a divorce, a criminal case, a will or trust, or someone to help with a
lawsuit, one of our attorneys has the experience to handle your case.


Thomas Burkemper founded The Burkemper Law Firm in 1965. Since then, Thomas
Burkemper guided the growth of The Burkemper Law Firm, The Lincoln Title Company,
and four children— all of whom became attorneys. Between the three current attorneys
at The Burkemper Law Firm, the firm possesses over fifty years of experience in
practicing law.


When we ask our clients how they decided to hire our firm, a common response is that
they heard we are “the best.” While determining what attorneys are “the best” might be
a subjective and difficult inquiry, we do aspire to practice law with the highest degree of
skill and professionalism. Our clients are routinely pleased on concluding their business
with us and they routinely return on new matters.


The Burkemper family started The Burkemper Law Firm in Troy, Missouri before Troy’s
recent population growth. The law firm is guided by a desire to protect the values and
basic decency, which serve as a foundation for Troy’s success. We understand that
normal people will often experience challenges that involve the legal system. If you
are in an uncomfortable situation or you feel embarrassed, we will not judge you. We
understand that there is always more to a person than their worst decision.