Saint Charles County Courthouse

St. Charles, Missouri


The St. Charles County Courthouse is relatively large. Once inside the courthouse check the flat-screen televisions above an informational desk to look for your courtroom. If you cannot determine from this television where you should go, there is often a bailiff there to help you.

Important Phone Numbers

Judy Zerr, Circuit Clerk: (636) 949-3080
Traffic Clerk: (636) 949-7385
Criminal Clerk: (636) 949-3084
Probate Clerk: (636) 949-3086
Civil Clerk: (636) 949-3043

Family Clerks

Family Court Contact: (636) 949-7391
JoAnn Gust, Clerk Div-3: (636) 949-7900 Ext. 5553
Deanna James, Clerk Div-6: (636) 949-7900 Ext. 3056
Vicki Burrow, Clerk Div-8: (636) 949-7900 Ext. 3063

Saint Charles County Courthouse Map

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